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Starting independent music composing in 1961 with Chhote Nawaab, he did 331 Films and 4 Non-Film Albums. Before coming onto his own, he assisted his father S.D. Burman for long. Out of his 331 released movies 292 were in Hindi, 31 in Bangla, 3 in Telugu, 2 each in Tamil & Oriya and 1 in Marathi. RD also composed for 5 TV Serials in Hindi and Marathi. He also scored a large number of non-film songs in Bangla ((also known as Pooja songs or modern songs), which are available in different albums. He did a song for a small documentary film called Maa Ki Pukaar too, in 1975.

A good amount of his work, however, is still to be released. There are songs from unreleased or shelved films. And then there are composition from the period when he had little work in hand (the last 5-6 years of his life), but when he kept composing tunes and stored them.

Lyrics of some of RD's songs can be found at giitaayan which interfaces to a great collection of Hindi Songs (ISB). The songs can be read in both Devnagari & Roman.

Here's a complete list of RD's scores.

Film Albums



Non-Film Albums

Album Year Singer/Lyricist Company *
Dil Padosi Hai 1987 Asha Bhonsle/ Gulzar HMV -
Dil Tera Hua 1995 Sapna Mukherjee, Abhijeet, Amit Kumar, Shailendra Singh, Babla Mehta, Jojo/ Shyam Anuragi Weston -
Pantera (with Jose Flores) 1987 Amie Moretta, Alan Ross, Angelo Pagan/ Jose Flores HMV English
Tera Mera Pyar Jawan 1994 Usha Utthup, Asha, Amit K, RD Burman/ Rajesh Johari, Majrooh Sagarika -

TV Serials

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