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Welcome to Calcutta!

We, the Pancham fans of Calcutta welcome you to the Calcutta chapter homepage.

Calcutta is like a place of pilgrimage for every RDent Fan. Partly because Pancham was a Bengali (ok Nilangshu da, but Tripura is not too far away from Bengal!), partly because He was born in Calcutta and partly because Calcutta is the first city in the world to have a Pancham fans chapter of its own :-)

Besides that there are a number of other factors that make Calcutta special to a Pancham fan. Pancham's Puja songs, which are to be naturally found in Calcutta more than anywhere else, Calcutta's never-say-die music loving attitude, and the fact that Kishore Kumar (Pancham's dear friend, His best singer and ofcourse the best singer to date) was a Bengali.

Back to the site: On this site you will find info about the chapter, the members, the activities of the chapter, the events organised by the chapter, the individual collections of the members, the list and contact info of the major music shops of Calcutta and the procedure to join the chapter (and consequently to join the main worldwide fanlist at Vinay's site www.panchamonline.com).

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